About us

Hi guys,

My name is Jacob Peterson and I just quit my jobs by asthma flare ups.

I made this site by purpose is for helping to me and people who get allergy or asthma wish is need to know all about asthma and allergy.

Allasthmaguide.com is the sites that provide for all information’s about allergy and asthma wish is hope to people can get better living with asthma.


Asthma can have an enormous impact on the lives of me and you or even your loved ones. If you are a new comer in asthma like me we will start together to learn with asthma first. The early sign symptoms of asthma, triggers ,diagnosis ,treatment and coping with asthma are need to now in this sites.


The mainly concept on this sites are helping to management asthma by ourselves. Even though doctor can decide which treatments are right for us but we own our bodies. We just need to do more caring by right guiding from doctor for everyday practice.

Hope to you get better from asthma soonest.


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