It is possible that asthma can cause a heart failure ?Cardiac asthma

No but some asthma needs make hearts race and cause things like that. Also when forming the heart and lungs forming together initially so if something happened to damage the heart it most likely damaged the lungs!

What is cardiac asthma?

Cardiac asthma is heart failure results in build up of fluid around the lungs and around the airways witch results in coughing,wheezing,shortness of breath.cardiac asthma most likely as like as bronchial asthma. But bronchial asthma is different from cardiac asthma because it is a chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract caused by allergic reactions, so the treatment is different.



What Causes Of Cardiac Asthma?

Cardiac Asthma is caused by Acute heart failure.Heart muscle that weakness at left side of the chest.It makes fluid flood to the lungs.The fluid comes into the alveolar interstitium and is drained by the lymphatic system in the lungs.

The fluid passes through interstitial space,perivascular and peribronchial space, causing the respiratory wall to become swollen and thickened. The radial traction of the airway wall that have many small airway is release, This cause will make people easily tired,coughing and wheezing.

What are Symptoms of Cardiac Asthma?

The characteristic symptoms of cardiac asthma often begin at night. Waking up by suffocation, patients may fall into panic because of they fear of death. In most cases it is characteristic of the disease is very common are:

  • Breathless or shortness of breath
  • Wheezing or without wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Rapid shallow breathing
  • Blood pressure and heart rate increase.
  • Shoulder pain or feeling of apprehension.

Some more symptoms of cardiac asthma also include pale skin, face of cyanosis, nasolabial triangle, fingers drops of sweat.

The doctor’s examination of the patient are not abnormal noises notes in the lungs when breathing. Only in the case of cardiac asthma symptoms are the first warning signs of pulmonary edema, listened to the difficulty breathing, accompanied by wet (thin bubbles) rattling in the lower lung.

In some patients, cardiac asthma with bronchospasm reflex character, which becomes the cause of wheezing in auscultation. This can cause difficulties for the doctor in diagnosis, because similar symptoms observed in bronchial asthma.

How to diagnosis and treatment of cardiac asthma?

     Before the arrival to the emergency doctor, it is important to provide first aid to the patient, based on the available medicines and the skills of the hand are next to them people.

     The patient should be sitting (right half) submerged position in warm water feet (feet and legs should be in the water). Instead, foot baths, you can apply a tourniquet to the area of ​​both hips, checking for a long pulse of the artery below the withers. After 20-30 minutes, remove the harnesses alternately for a period of three to five minutes.

If circumstances permit, the treatment of cardiac asthma is performed medication available oxygen inhalation.

     As recommended in the case of an emergency (or subcutaneous) administration of morphine and injection of furosemide (40 to 80 g), the latter can be administered orally. When the hypertensive crisis demonstrates the use of antihypertensive drugs. Patients suffering from heart failure, cardiac glycosides help in the form of injections.

If you can not put an injection, patients with normal or high blood pressure chew the tablet or capsule of nitroglycerin nifedipine. Treatment of cardiac asthma still carrying the patient to the hospital.


All activities for the treatment of cardiac asthma and are kept in place immediately. before the arrival of the Heart Ambulance Brigade. Patients are sent to the hospital when the attack first recorded, and in the detection of diseases that require immediate hospitalization such as a heart attack. Hypertension crisis, and others.


    “Diagnosis is very important. Because the drug is different, if bronchial asthma is treated with bronchodilator by beta-2 adrenergic agonist with other steroids or anti-inflammatory agents while cardiac asthma is used, other drugs such as inotropic and diuretics


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