Shortness Of Breath,What Does It Means?

    Shortness of breath or Dyspnea is a symptoms that patient tell to doctor with hard breathing.It is not an object finding by doctor.It is not necessary with physical sign such as patient who use accessory muscles in breathing, Pulmonary function test,Respiration rate or even Oxygen saturation of the patient itself. There are many factors involved in shortness of breath likes physiological factors, Social factors, and environmental factors

What Causes shortness of breath?

       In general,Shortness of breath is most often caused by heavy activity. It makes the body suffers from exhaustion, breathless and shortness of breath.The symptoms has gone when you stop an extreme activities such as running exercise and others.

What are your shortness of breath experiences?

    There is some patience wrote email to doctor and described his symptom about shortness of breath with replied by doctor as:

Patient : “My name is Joe. About 6 days ago, I have a feeling that I cannot breath deeply. This makes me feel very uncomfortable. I feel very tired just by sitting and talking on the phone. On Sunday I went to play badminton. Before the game I cannot breath deeply but during the game, maybe because I focus on the game, I felt that everything was normal. I don’t know why. I even forgot that if I have breathed deeply or not. Maybe because of the game. Also when I am eating, I can breath normally. It is very funny right?

        Right now I feel very uncomfortable. I always think of killing myself. Can you tell me what is my problem and advice me what to do next. My heart has got no pain at all. I don’t think it has to do with my heart. Can you please find a way to help me? Thank you very much”

        My personal information Sex : Male,Weight: 312.5 Pounds Kg,Height: 6 feet,Age: 34

Doctor : “Well,Joe It seem likes your weight and height is not in a good BMI. Your BMI is about 42.4 (normal, about 24-25). It’s in the very obese group, obesity and overweight is a major risk factor. To coronary heart disease and others.

So if you have a physical examination by a cardio test within 1-2 months will find that normal result.Your shortness of breath causes by obesity. (From fatty conditions in the lungs, heart and blood vessels. It is effected in shortness of breath).A warning signal You need to lose weight. Because if not reduce. You will have a chance of coronary heart disease.”

What are Shortness of breath Symptoms?

Shortness of breath It is a symptom that the patient breathes air into balance with the amount that the body needs. Due to various causes of respiratory symptoms appear in two ways.

1.Acute Shortness Of Breath

  It is suddenly respiratory failure with happened suddenly And it can happen for several minutes or hours. Caused for many reasons, such as

External factors

  • Hard Exercise Or Extreme activities
  • Weather changed (High temperature or too low temperature)
  • Staying at high places such as mountain or high building (It makes a low pressure)
  • Suddenly panic shock Or anxiety

Internal Factor

  •  Respiratory system is obstructed Or there are foreign objects attached, such as fruit seeds stuck in the throat.
  •  Asthma,Bronchial contraction narrowed,There is mucus inside the respiratory tract. The patient may have difficulty breathing and may be wheezing and coughing while breathing.
  • Allergies or severe allergic reactions Symptoms that may be associated with, such as rash, itching, redness.
  • Infections in the respiratory tract, such as pneumonia, when mucus congestion clogs. Suffocate May be accompanied by fever, coughing, tiredness.
  • Thrombosis within the lungs
  • Chronic lung disease or pneumothorax
  • Acute myocardial infarction And heart attack

2.Chronic Shortness Of Breath.

       Continuous chronic occurrence And it can happen for weeks or months. Can cause the same cause with Acute shortness of breath as well. Asthma Or disease or cardiovascular and cardiovascular diseases such as Myocardial degeneration (Cardiomyopathy) that causes the heart to change shape and size. The loss of efficiency in the blood pump to fully nourish the body. This may cause chronic persistent symptoms for several months. Or many years.

       In addition, chronic shortness of breath may be caused by diseases and other conditions, such as:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Tissue in pneumonia And damage
  • High pulmonary hypertension
  • Obesity due to overweight Especially in the chest and abdomen. Make muscles work harder.
  • Lower physical fitness such as less exercise. It makes it hard to breathe and breathe easily when doing activities.
  • Pregnancy causes changes in the circulatory and respiratory systems. This is normal for those who are pregnant.

How do I diagnosis my selves shortness of breath ?

     Whether shortness of breath is acute. Or chronic shortness of breath. All signs of severe illness. Patients should be noted or recorded symptoms occur. Frequency,Severity and The other symptoms that occur with shortness of breath symptoms.

You can consult and seek medical help. Should see the doctor immediately when the symptoms are severe. You are never having a shortness of breath symptoms before. You have a chronic shortness of breath. you are not breathing worse than ever before.Or other complications such as:

  • Breath whistling And tired
  • High fever
  • Difficulty breathing especially when lying flat
  • Has allergies or swelling by the organs such as the feet and ankles.

How doctor diagnosis my shortness of breath ?

     When you see a doctor. The doctor will check the basic physician. Listen to the heartbeat and lung function with a stethoscope. Stethoscope examines external symptoms such as swelling, leg cramps or other allergic reactions Then The doctor will take a medical history such as being sick or suffering from a shortness of breath. Lung disease and heart disease And the initial symptoms of illness. You should observe and remember important symptoms such as:

  • Shortness of breath is acute. Or often occurring periodically.
  • Is shortness of breath came from previous activities or not?Or its occur by themselves.
  • How severe of shortness of breath?
  • Have other symptoms, such as fever, cough, chest pain or can not lie down.

    The doctor may give you following additional tests to accompany the diagnosis of the disease, which causes shortness of breath.

     Blood Test

  • Determine the concentration of red blood cells. Or hematocrit to see the efficiency of the red blood cells in the oxygen supply, such as in the case of doctors suspected of anemic patients.
  • Measure the oxygen content in the blood with Oximeter.
  • Detect BNP levels in the blood to determine BNP levels (Brain Natriuretic Peptides), which are excreted from the heart muscle. To determine whether the patient has fluid in the lungs.


  • X-ray To check the lung area. Detect signs of infection, inflammation or ulcers, such as pneumonia, pneumonia.

      EKG TEST

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) checks your heart muscle. To see if the patient has ischemic heart disease.


  • Spirometry is a breathing test with a device called a spirometer, which measures the volume of air entering and exiting the lungs.

How to Treatment My Shortness Of Breath?

   Initially,When you have shortness of breath symptoms.You should should observe the causes of the symptoms. If the cause is not harmful, such as external factors you  can take care by your selves and relieve  shortness of breath symptoms until they return to normal breathing.

Treatment by your selves should

Yoga-treatment-shortness-of breath

  • Sit in front of the fan Or adjust the air conditioner to cool the room.
  • Raise your head or head higher than the horizontal plane or in the sitting position. To breathe more easily
        fresh air and open window to ventilate And eliminate air pollution.
  • In the open space, the open space does not cause uncomfortable feeling. Or open the window Look at the scenery comfortably.
  • Practice using stress control techniques. Anxiety And coping with the problem By changing views, thinking and dealing with emotions and difficult situations.
  • Take painkillers Or medications that control the illness are under the care of a doctor.

Treatment by Doctor

     When to see a doctor. Patients with shortness of breath are treated for the underlying cause. The doctor will treat the symptoms and severity of the disease.

Examples of how to treat the symptoms include:  

  • Give oxygen to the patient.
  • Give bronchodilator
  • Provide analgesic drugs that affect the central nervous system such as morphine.
  • Give medicine relieve (Antianxiety) to treat pain and relieve anxiety that causes insomnia.

Complications respiratory insufficiency.

Excessive breathing can cause various illnesses or may be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Chest pain
  • Dizzy
  • Neck pain
  • Fainting

How Does Shortness of Breath Mean for My Asthma?

     Shortness of breath are both mean and asthma and not mean asthma.The asthma symptoms may not come up with shortness of breath .It just comes with Wheezing,Coughing (especially at night),Chest tightness,Chest pain.Some people with asthma may occur same symptoms but someone may not .it is different factors

Below are shortness of breath means:

  • Lung disease, such as pneumonia,COPD.
  • Asthma symptom
  • Coronary heart disease (Atherosclerotic heart disease)
  • The shock with something makes a panic.
  • Obesity
  • Lack of movement, physical fitness
  • Staying in high altitude
  • Anemia or low blood count.
  • Thrombosis
  • Stress disorder

    To makes sure your suspect of the symptoms what does it mean.Just observe your selves and Eliminate the cause of the problem.If you are not sure that you can’t management the symptoms you can go to see the doctor.

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